Recital 2022 at Mesa Arts Center 

PCDA  18th Annual Recital Production  “The Time of our lives” June 11th 2022

WHERE: MESA ARTS CENTER- 1 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201 in the  Piper Theatre

Show #1   1:30pm All level classes, PC2 and PCDA Encanto Ballet:  OPEN SEATING / Doors open 1:00pm  

Show #2  3:30pm   Pure Creative Performance co. / Comp / Solo  Showcase:  Doors open 3:15pm


You have 4 tickets already with your recital Fee.

Xtra tickets can be purchased now from PCDA by email:

All balances must be paid in full to collect recital tickets & perform in the Recital.



Calling all helpers & moms! Please sign up today at studio sign in sheet!

We need back stage moms or 18+ only female volunteers for all level and little classes!

You do not need a ticket if you’re a back-stage mom and plan to stay backstage during show.

All Back stage moms  will be able to watch on the side of the stage

Back stage mom Zoom Meeting with Ms. Paula Sat. May 21st 9am -10am 


June 11th Dress Rehearsal SAME DAY (All dancers all costumes, shoes , props)

June 11th  Arrive at MAC 8:30am – leave for lunch approx. Noon.

Be back: Call time 1pm to be show ready re-checked at back stage area Dancers must be back stage at this time. Be back dressed in 1st costume/ warmed up/ hair makeup ( if appliable)

 And all guest can start to line up to enter the audience. Doors open at 1:15pm no reserved seating.

  • Sat June 11th Dress Rehearsal: We will be checking each dancer in the Back Door area by parking garage @ PCDA table by backstage Piper Theater. You will need your dancer’s back-stage band somewhere on dancer or bag  and Back-stage Mom Bands upon check in. You will then  go to dressing room and get dancer’s 1st costume and shoes on. Then return to audience.  Once the level dancer’s has done ALL dances in show #1 they can be released for lunch.

  •  If your child is old enough to not need a full chaperone, (ages 11 and up applicable) they can be dropped off then picked up after they are released at noon. They must be chaperoned during lunch break.

  • Once we break after dress rehearsal – backstage mom helps clean & tidy room before leaving dress rehearsal  & Recital as we are guests to Mesa Arts Center.

  •  Parent must be on time for pick up at Noon or stay close by during Dress rehearsals , MAC closes down fully / All staff leaves & locks up the MAC center for lunch @ noon – 1pm

  •  Reminder Parents can sit in on dress rehearsals and stick around even if not a backstage mom.

  • Moms: Your back stage packet will have a dressing room diagram / role sheet / recital order/ where to take dancers. You will take costume bags up to room. You can leave costumes there during break & before show.

  • ALL PARENTS/ DANCERS Upon arrival at @8:30 and again at call time  1pm : There will be signs posted on doors and hallways to help you find your dressing area for each class.

  •  For the actual show your class must stay in dressing room (not hallways) until a PCDA assistant runner comes to get your class to come to the stage.

  • BEFORE SHOW: MAC center team will clear out all seats & stragglers in theatre  NO SAVING seats. Your items will be removed. Only my Senior Charlotte Whyte can save seats.

  • Show #1 All  guests must  re-enter from Lobby with your ticket to get in line for audience doors open. 1:15pm  For the PC2 Elite Show #2 3:15pm, you can leave belongings between shows. 

  • Dress Rehearsal: We will begin with Finale of show #1 / then go in show order. Level dancer’s: Once you have ran all dances & dancer has been approved to break, you may take your lunch.  PC2 Elite will stay 8:30-Noon to stage our Show #2 showcase quickly and lighting ( this will not be a full run though only lighting cues).  All costumes and belongings can stay in dressing area during all breaks.

Detailed Paper work and more  has been passed out to dancers & parents in classes May  16th - May 26th 

Picture Day 

Picture day is Tues (daytime  and afternoon)

June 7th 2022 at PCDA 

By Jake Joe

Costumes for recital have been passed out the

week of  May  9th - 12th along with a Recital packet & info 


click below to see PIC day schedule & link


Fall Classes start Aug, 8th 2022

sign up now via email and this website 

Company Placements are Thursday June 2nd 2022 

see page right here on website.