What should I do if my dancer is sick? 

SEE PCDA Breakdown of Covid Decisions


If a dancer starts to run a fever or gets sick while at PCDA, we will isolate the student safety and call the parents to pick up immediately. 

Will I receive a refund if my dancer is sick with Covid or must QUARANTINE? 

In the event a student is restricted from attending classes due to exposure to Covid or due to a positive Covid Test, PCDA will be using virtual/ on demand dance training for those out of classes. Normal tuition applies. 


In the event the student is hospitalized,  we will take in account this acception and work privately with each family's situation. This is always a fluid time. 

Will my dancer lose his/ her place if they test positive and must QUARANTINE

No, but your tuition must remain current so that your student retains their position in the class.


Zoom and online private options are in place just for these situations. 

Will PCDA need to close due to COVID - 19

PCDA reserves the right to adjust our classes, times or policies at any time due Covid -19. 

However, we will provide a reasonable option for all our dancers and their families. 

This could last for

a few days, a few weeks and could apply as follows

  • For a single student

  • For a group of students

  • For a class of students

  • For the Entire studio 

We will notify as applicable via email, or Band app. following the HIPAA privacy laws, but also keeping our dance family well informed.  ​