Auditions and Placement for our 

PCDA Company 2020/ 2021

Tues June 9th 2020

Dancers 3-5 9am to 10am 

Dancers 6 and up

Full Day 9am to 1:30pm 

Fee to Audition for June 9th is 30 per dancer if not already in dance Camp I  for ages  6 and up

and $15 ages 3-5 

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PCDA ELITE  2020/ 2021

Season 17 

These Elite Co. Team's-  like last season are broke down for each

dancer to be able to grow with in their craft of dance.

This is not by "all ages" or "all ability".

We tried to create groups where everyone can grow,  be a leader at anytime

and then to learn to follow and take direction.

We thank you at PAULA CARR for trusting our judgment and guidance with this matter . 

*If you feel your dancer is in the wrong group in "your opinion" , please feel free to continue

to take level classes and technique. We then welcome you to audition again *next season 2020/ 2021!

How do we chose groups:

We look for dancers who love to perform and that are teachable students and coachable. We look for the dancer that adds to the

team in a positive manner and does not add additional drama or disruption.

We watch on audition day, which are usually a full dance camp or day of classes.

For return Elite dancers we have been watching you all season.To reach these well rounded groups,

I, Paula Carr have been meeting and chatting with my staff for the past 5 months. 

I have been checking dancers, attendance, timeliness, proper dance attire, shoes,

kindness and bullying/ class & stage performance - attitudes,

work ethics, ( do they sit out) leave early, class & teacher etiquette & respect, dancing full out, proper hair, makeup, leo . 

Thus to create a cohesive balance in each group. 

Junior Elite

Mon / Wed $250 per month 


   Impulse II Elite  

Mon / Wed $250 per month

    Impulse I Elite

Mon / Wed $250 per month

Diamond Elite 

Mon / Wed $200 per month

Elite Mini Sparks 

Mon 3:45- 5:45 / Wed 3:45- 4:45pm $115  per month

** we reserve the right to dismiss any student/ parent who is not abiding by our studio

safety ethical bylaws and Policies & PCDA Code of Conduct. 

Auditions and Placements for Elite

If you are unable to attend this Summer audition

Please attend a different Summer Tuesday dance  night or

Summer Camp to be evaluated. 

You must fill out placement evaluation Reg. form to be considered. PLus for  dancers spot held .

To Be considered for competition team, you must be in ELite Co. Everyone in ELite does not compete. 

This is where the Results for our Sweet Sixteen ELite Co will be on Friday!