Picture day June 7th 2022

Please arrive at least 15 min before your allotted time. We cannot wait if anyone is late.  Arrive in dancer’s full 1st costumes, have on proper shoes on, hair pieces in and BE picture ready before you get to studio ! Hair and make up is at parents’ discretion. But must be neatly groomed and look professional. No glitter.

We will be using Studio 2 to change only, It is not a waiting area -that will be outside provided by PCDA.  

If you are a male dancer who has a change you can use our restroom.

All others feel free to use Starbucks facilities as our main room will turned into full picture studio.

Once your dancer’s picture  time is ready, please wait outside in seating zone and our teachers will call and escort each dancer class members in. Parents are not allowed in Main Picture Studio 1.

 Pure Creative Elite and PC2 Competition team is June 7th morning & afternoon 


9am Katlynne

9:10am Kylie solo
9:20 am Olive solo
9:30am Lilly solo
9:40am Holiday solo
9:50am Mila solo
10am Ayden solo
10:10am GO WILD- group dance
10:25am Ainsley solo
10:35am Pizazz Team Photo: Please wear your new “Yesterday “ dress, no tights & clean off feet. ( 6 dancers)
10:50am Red Balloon ( trio)
11am Elaina solo #1 Something new
11:10am Ella solo
11:20am I don’t wanna ( duet)
11:30am Sophia solo
11:40 am Petites team photo: Please wear your new 500 miles dress, no tights, and clean bare feet ( 7 dancers)
11:50am Elaina Flatline solo #2
Noon Hayden solo
12:10 pm Cara solo
12:20pm Madison solo
12:30pm Payton solo
12:40pm Charlotte Solo
12:50pm Samantha Solo
1: 00pm Amore Solo
1 :10 pm Passion I & II team photo: wear new York New York, black socks with black jazz shoes. (15 dancers)
1:20 Addy solo# I Ballet ( quick change) we can wait.
1:30pm Estella
1:40pm Full team 2021/ 2022 Pure Creative Performance company – wear our jersey uniform precisely as we did for our arena shows. (28 dancers)
2pm Addy solo #2
2:15 Isla ( solo)
2:25 Gilligan’s island full cast photo :

 2:30pm Fashion Model ( trio)

 small meal break 


Level Classes / Encanto and Some PC2 team pics are afternoon evening 

1) Sing Sing Swing 3:20- 3:40pm

2) Flintstone Drea’s Tues  Hip hop Tumble/ arrive 3:45pm – 4pm (ladies no tights) men black pants (all) white socks and white tennis shoes. Drea will inform you of any shoe changes or socks.


3) Encanto 4pm- 4:25pm  ( full cast included level Monday class) - Level w/ pizazz and petites no tights, but with white anklet socks with pink ballet shoes. All Encanto main cast (if not in pants) wear Tan skin tone tights with pink ballet shoes.

4) Time after time Drea’s Tuesday contemporary arrive 4:25pm- 4:35pm ( no tights) bare feet

5) Tuesday Pre combo Ballet Miss Drea arrive  4:40pm- 5pm wear pink ballet shoes with white anklet socks

6) Thurs Pre combo Tap w/ Miss Lindz  arrive 5pm – 5:15pm with white anklet socks, no tights  black tap shoes

7) Tuesday Pom & Cheer arrive 5:15pm- 5:30pm  with Miss Carly / no tights- white ankle sock you fold over. White tennis shoes. White Poms will be at pcda to use for pic day and recital.

8) Thurs  Pre combo Ballet w/ Miss Lindz  5:30pm – 5:50pm pink ballet shoes w/ white anklet socks

8) Tuesday Pre combo TAP Miss Drea  5:50pm – 6:15pm  white anklet socks, no tights  w/ black tap shoes

*****Teachers group pic and head shots: Drea, Samantha, Bruce Weezy, Lindz, Carly s Carly Ellie Paula

10) Tuesday Night Tumble w/ Drea arrive 6:25- 6:45pm ( no tights) no shoes ( clean bottom of feet) no undies showing.