Nov. 25th – 29th ( Wed- Sunday) Closed for Thanksgiving

Monday Nov 30th All PC2 company classes will be on ZOOM this day- see Co. band for all updates and codes.

Dec 4th Co Dress Rehearsal cancelled. See Band for all details. 


Dec 5th PC2- Elite PC2- Performance Company Holiday Show- closed to the Public- Co. see Band for all updates. 

Dec 8th and 10th Level Tues/ Thur Class ZOOM Holiday Showcase- dancers will be  IN- Studio for a fun performance, games and mini party! Parents can Zoom in and be our virtual audience. Zoom codes were past out in class- each week in Nov.


Dec 14th – Jan 3rd  Winter Break


Monday Jan 4th 2021

Back to Dance! Here is to 2021**updated Jan 3rd 2021 

🟢📌The plan: We will be having both a hybrid & in -studio option.
We are creating a full schedule with the same times and days as the live in studio & “Zoom option”. This will be for the month of January / February. We have planned this for those who feel more comfortable at this time zooming or need to be quarantined at home for ANY reason. We have your back ✔️✨
🟢All codes are the same as we had set up previously.

🔺Who CAN return to in person starting Jan 4 ? ⁉️🔺and who should wait a week? ✔️🙏🏼

✅In studio : if you have been following safety measures of social distancing, staying with -in your small family safety pod. After events or any travel -Have had a negative covid test, plus have had no symptoms 5-6 days after testing. * Gathering in safe ways over the break. Following the “Mask up” Az guidelines. No high risk exposure activities.
Showing NO signs of Cold,flu, allergies, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose, achy body, headache, sore throat.

⚠️🚫Stay home as a precaution and zoom: Jan 4-7th .❌❌
If anyone in your family or dancers are showing any signs of allergies, cold, runny nose, fever, aches stomach issues or fatigue -please zoom in these first days back. Zoom in -If anyone in your household has tested positive or waiting on a test to come back in the past 10 days.

⚠️🚫Stay home and Zoom IF..
Anyone directly living in house or hanging out with your dancer and they participated in any High risk activities: ❗️⚠️ Meaning: any friend, sibling, relative, parent in direct contact with our dancer (or your home pod) who made the •personal choice • to partake in any High risks activities at -unmasked -event. {Such as unmasked event at a restaurant, bar, house parties, or traveling via plane} - in the past 6 days. Please take classes via Zoom Jan 4th -7th. ✔️We thank you for taking this precaution. 💚

🟡 We know ... that YOU know. 🔅✨During this pandemic we have all been aware of what a “high-risk activity” is and I ask you to use your judgment to err on the side of caution for the safety and consideration of our teachers, dancers and staff.

As we would like to stay OPEN for the kids as we know how important dance, activity, movement and social interaction are for the kids health & mental well-being. ❤️



Jan 18th  Monday - Closed- Martin Luther King Day


JAN 29TH -31 SPOTLIGHT - COMP TEAM - TBA * Back up date listed below in May  SEE BACKUP DATE IN MAY IF NEEDED 

Feb 15th Monday - Presidents Day:  We are Open 


Feb 26th - 28th  NRG- COMP AND CONVENTION 

March 8-12th  Spring Break- We are closed

April 10th Spring Outside Showcase  All Level classes & PURE CREATIVE Company - Email to sign up or for more info. Jan 21st Deadline to sign -up 

May 14TH & 16TH  - Competition team Spotlight Possible reschedule of comp if needed. *BACK UP DATE 


June 5th – Jan 21st Deadline to sign -up 

PCDA Seventeenth June 5th Annual Recital – The Magic of Dance ! Showtimes TBA / Location TBA/ Email for info 


Summer Camp I-   June 7th – 9th  Mon, Tues, Wed 9am- 1:30pm